Marilyn Monroe's Address Books

2 museum quality books have been beautifully photographed to shed an intimate light on one of America's favorite pop icons

The Starlet and The Icon

  • Belongs To Volume #1: an edition of photographed pages of a digest-sized book that dates to the early 1940s. Young Norma Jeane Dougherty was working in the Radioplane Munitions Factory, while her husband, Jim, was stationed overseas.  Discovered by Army photographer David Conover, Norma Jeane took advantage of every opportunity made available to her.  The hand-written pages are filled with names of photographers, agents and contacts that helped further the young starlet’s career.

  • Belongs To Volume #2: an edition of photographed pages from a phone book owned by the legendary actress, Marilyn Monroe, in the last year of her life (c. 1962).  The neatly typed pages reflect the names, businesses and resources that made a movie star an international sex symbol.  

Belongs To Volume #1

Belongs To Volume #2

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